Experienced Teachers With a Heart for building community.

Amber Barry, Founder, E-RYT 500 & YACEP


Amber is the Founder and Director of Yoga Education at Westside Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2001. As one of the most experienced yoga instructors in the Southeast, Amber inspires lifelong wellness with her healthy and relatable approaches to yoga, mindfulness, and everyday well-being. Her passion for yoga stems from the personal transformation she experienced when she first met her mat over 2 decades ago. Yoga helped Amber reclaim her life after a devastating car crash, which left her suffering and living in severe pain. Through her practice, she was able to completely rehabilitate her body, and cure daily migraines that had limited her life since she was a child. She now lives mostly pain-free, and is thriving. A former marketing executive, Amber began her teaching and coaching career in 2001, and has been an outspoken advocate of mindfulness, movement, discipline, and plant-based nutrition ever since. Amber encourages her students to step outside their comfort zones, practice yoga daily, and trust the struggles on the journey to total body health. As a lifelong student of yoga, Amber has studied with respected teachers Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Tias Little, Sara Ivanhoe, Doug Keller, and many others. She grew up in the Washington, DC area, is a graduate of University of Virginia, and has lived in Atlanta since 1994. Amber and her family live less than a mile from Westside Yoga, and she is especially grateful for the opportunity to share the beautiful teachings of yoga with the members of her community. 

Gabrielle Byndloss


Gabrielle fell in love with yoga while dealing with depression and anxiety. Yoga helped her connect with her breath, and use it as a force to control her mind. After attending  weekly classes, she noticed that regular yoga practice changed both her mind and body.  Yoga helps her grow in her passions, deal with frustration, build strength, and so much more. She is certified at the E-RYT 200 level, and assists with our Yoga Training Program. In Gabrielle's classes, you can expect to be challenged to connect breath and body, and to laugh hysterically at yourself every now and then. When she's not practicing and teaching yoga, Gabrielle also works as a model and actress.

Anna McDevitt


Anna took her first yoga class at the student rec center while studying at Kent State. She feel in love with how yoga made her feel, and it was the perfect compliment to her regular workouts.  She loves that yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone-- it's simply about finding the connection between your mind and your body through breath and movement. Teaching yoga has added a new, deeper layer to her yoga practice, and she loves having the opportunity to share what she's learned with others! Anna is a Detroit native, and when she's not teaching or practicing, she works for a healthcare company on the Westside. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Westside Yoga.

Ariel Kahn


Ariel discovered yoga in 2008 while recovering from injury. Yoga completely rehabilitated her, and it quickly became a passion.  Her classes focus on building strength and endurance, and reinforcing the connection of the body to the mind. She empowers students to be the best they can be on and off the mat, and to meet the edge of transformation with grace. She earned her 200 Hour RYT certification at Peachtree Yoga Center. When she's not teaching, she works as a Talent Manager at a tech company in West Midtown, and takes every opportunity to play outdoors with her puppy. 

Shannon Demko


Shannon is a lifelong athlete and runner, who discovered yoga accidentally as a graduate student when a regularly-scheduled class at her gym was canceled. She has since developed a practice and teaching style rooted in the study of Ashtanga, vinyasa flow, power, and Baptiste. In addition to teaching and assisting with our Yoga Teacher Training Program, Shannon is also a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, and the founder of MindfulMBA, a website and blog designed to make mindfulness accessible and applicable to the everyday lives of busy people who “don’t have any time for it.” Shannon spent over a decade in graduate business admissions, and currently serves as an MBA admissions coach for a diversity non-profit based in Washington, DC, where she lived for many years. Shannon has traveled to nearly 50 countries, and is a connoisseur of good books, decent wine, and bad TV. 

Rachel Fulmer


Rachel discovered yoga while she was in high school, but didn't really fall in love with it until her sister opened GLOW Yoga Studios in Gulf Shores, AL.  She earned her certification at GLOW and taught and managed the studios, before moving to Atlanta. She believes that yoga is transformative, and loves to challenge her students to build heat, and get out of their comfort zones. Her favorite thing about yoga is the idea that we are "practicing" on  the mat, for our life off the mat. She grew up in Austin, Texas, and played basketball at the University of Texas in Tyler.  She is currently pursuing her Nursing degree at Georgia State University, and whn she is not practicing or teaching yoga, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, and connecting with nature.

Jenn Vallier


Jenn is a graduate of Westside Yoga's Teacher Training Program, and was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  Westside Atlanta, actually! Yoga has been a part of her life ever since I discovered Raquel Welch's Total Body Fitness among my mom's totally rad workout videos in the 90's, even though she didn't know what it was at the time (Bikram). But it was only after I started classes at Westside Yoga that she truly became committed to regular practice, and began to explore the spiritual side as well as the physical practice. She loves the physical challenge of asana practice, but also finds that yogic mindful breathing is the best remedy for anxiety. When she is not teaching and practicing yoga, she is holding her newborn son, chasing her teenage daughter and 2 cats, reading, and cooking. She and her husband also own a metal fabrication business that caters to designers and drapery workrooms in Atlanta. 

Hannah Slep


Hannah says her yoga journey has been "beautifully all over the place for the past 9 years. Her journey began at Y2 Yoga in Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was just 15 years old.  As her practice grew and developed into something more personal, Hannah knew she wanted to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and its ancient teachings. When she was 20 years old, Hannah officially became YTT certified at Y2 Yoga under the teachings of Tanner Bazemore, the owner of Y2 Yoga, and Johnna Smith, a KPJAYI certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She believes that yoga helps us find the inner strength to be the very best we can possibly be. 

Ashley Turevon


Ashley earned her 200 Hour Yoga Certification at North GeorgiaYoga Center with Mindy Searcy. She also has studied  Energetic Anatomy with Dennis and Kathy Lang and Bhakti Yoga with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band. She began her yoga practice as a way to spend time with her father while in high school, taking sunrise classes together, before he left for work for the day. She has practiced for 9 years, has been teaching for 3 years, and says that she does yoga so that, even when she's old and gray, her body and soul will still have the energy to smile and dance through life. 

Amanda Harmon


Amanda Harmon fdecided to get certified in yoga while recovering from an injury that forced her to drastically change her practice. By maintaining her practice throughout the slow healing process, she gained a deep sense of compassion, acceptance, and patience first for herself, and for others. She teaches because she loves to connect with fellow yogis. When she’s not teaching, she is lead project manager at Velocity Print and Design, owned by her husband Bo Harmon. She enjoys spending time with family, being outside, listening to vinyl, and laughing at ridiculous memes with her stepdaughter.  

Jaime Shearer


Jaime has been practicing yoga since 2006, and says that her first class brought her a sense of bliss she hadn't known before. She earned her yoga certification in 2008, and has been teaching ever since. She has studied and taught a wide variety of styles of yoga, from Ashtanga to Yin, prenatal to post-surgical, and in a variety of settings, including studios, offices, parks, jails and rehabilitation centers. Over the years, she has studied yoga with Beryl Bender Birch, Kino McGregor, Tim Feldmann, Tim Miller, David Garrigues, and TCTSY.  She holds an MBA, multiple coaching certifications, and work as a Leadership Development Facilitator for small to medium sized businesses. She also developed a holistic stress management program for executives, and is a certified HeartMath Mentor. 

Jedd Austin

Jedd Austin, RYT and Yoga INstructor at Westside Yoga

Jedd has been practicing yoga since 2007, and has been a member of the  Westside Yoga community since 2015. He also earned his 200 Hour RYT certification with us. After shattering both heels in a serious hiking accident in 2011, yoga became a crucial part of the recovery process, providing much-needed relief from the tension and pain that resulted from the injury. A lifelong athlete, mountain biker, and runner, Jedd uses yoga as a tool to not only build physical strength, but to train his mind to be more intentional and present.  Jedd is in his 14th year of teaching PE and running the video production studio at Trinity School.  He also recently started a n online fitness/wellness resource called “The Strong Community”. You can follow along at thestongcommunity.com.

Maggie Fike


Maggie’has been practicing yoga since 2013 and has been teaching yoga since 2018, and  is trained in a wide variety of yoga traditions, including Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Prenatal Yoga.  She believes that yoga is a systematic process that leads to inner peace, which we are all capable of achieving. Maggie teaches from an anatomical standpoint, but also creates a well-rounded experience, that pulls from all traditions and methods.. Each class is unique, and will challenge you to find balance between strength and ease. Whether you’re experienced or new to this practice, you’re sure to learn something new and leave Maggie’s class feeling uplifted. When she is not teaching, she is recharging in Midtown Atlanta,  where she has a condo with her spouse and two cats.